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Hatchback in ŠKODA style

The Rapid Spaceback delivers a new design style for the ŠKODA brand, offering a refreshing and visually attractive configuration.

Small on the outside. Large on the inside

  • Sporty freshness and dynamic elegance
  • Panoramic glass roof and prolonged rear window
  • A spacious, attractive interior and boot space

On the Inside

To make you feel as at home as possible inside the Rapid Spaceback, you can choose the colour scheme of the dashboard. Depending on the trim level, it can be black-grey or black-black. From the Ambition trim level up, these two combinations are accompanied by decorative strips in one of four options. Trim is also included on the 3-spoke steering wheel.

All the seats in the Rapid Spaceback are pleasantly firm. The front seats have exaggerated side sculpting that reliably holds the driver and passenger in place when cornering. The outer rear seats are also distinctly anatomically moulded for maximum comfort of the two passengers. If necessary, however, enough space can be found in the back for three people.

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