Introducing the all-new ŠKODA Karoq, set to arrive in New Zealand in April 2018

Equipped for all of life's adventures, the ŠKODA Karoq extends the ŠKODA SUV family and takes the brand to a new level.

Class-leading technology and a bold crystalline design feature prominently, much like the reigning New Zealand Car Of The Year, the ŠKODA Kodiaq. The all-new Karoq arrives in April and is set to become a Kiwi favourite among mid-size SUV's.  

The emotive and dynamic design with numerous crystalline elements characterises ŠKODA's new SUV design language. As a true ŠKODA, the ŠKODA Karoq offers exceptional space in the interior and boot, new driver-assistance systems and full LED headlights.

Excitement is building, so we're asking those interested to register for updates.  Those registered will be at the front of the queue and will be the first in the country to learn of specification, pricing and accessory packages for the highly anticipated new Karoq SUV.

With a length of 4,382 mm and the largest boot capacity of at least 521 l within its segment, it offers ideal conditions for versatile driving pleasure – both on tarmac and on rough terrain. Apart from the all-wheel drive, the large front and rear ramp angles also contribute to its off-road capabilities.


Striking Design

The confident expression of the Karoq is enhanced by sharply cut headlamps and fog lamps, which are located at the height of the grille confirming the car’s outdoor character. With regards to functionality the top-end solution offers LED headlamps with LED daytime running lights and AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) as well as LED fog lamps.


Class Leading Safety

The new ŠKODA Karoq evokes safety, which it then backs up with a host of technical solutions and systems. A rigid body shell, ingeniously designed crumple zones, seven airbags, ABS, ESC and numerous other systems are now accepted as par for the course, and the new Karoq obviously delivers them. 

On top of that, there are a number of state-of-the-art assist systems to protect pedestrians, keep the Karoq far away enough from the car in front, monitor safe lane switching or keep the car in its lane, assist the driver when parking, and prepare the occupants for collisions. 


Intuitive Connectivity

In today’s fast-paced world, I couldn’t manage without my smartphone. It’s packed with important data, but also entertainment. So I’m really glad that the new ŠKODA Karoq offers the latest ways to connect a smartphone to the car. 

SmartLink+ delivers an elegant connection between car and smartphone by supporting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirrorlink™ and SmartGate interfaces. 


Beauty and Spaciousness

The new Karoq will comfortably take me, my loved ones, and our luggage where we need to go. The well-shaped seats and high-quality materials make travelling a joy. All of this is packaged into compact outer dimensions, making it easy for me to weave through the city traffic and find a suitable parking space. 

The higher seating position allows me to get in and out with ease, not to mention the good view it offers from behind the steering wheel. As the front and rear bumpers are higher off the road, the kerbs don’t scrape them when I’m parking by a pavement.



I salute the team for thinking about how to make the new Karoq practical. Some may mock the “Simply Clever” slogan, but I have my own experience to go by. 

All the many hooks, holders and storage compartments judiciously arranged around the new Karoq in the spirit of the “Simply Clever” slogan make a difference between a good and a great car. And the Karoq is great in this respect. 

On my way back from of the supermarket, my shopping doesn’t spill out of the bag because it hangs on a hook in the boot, my parking ticket does not get blown away because it is held in place under the windscreen by a discreet plastic clip – I could go on and on.


Efficient and Dynamic

The Karoq is a kind soul. It will haul whatever you load in it. It will drive you wherever you guide it. 

You can choose from front- or all-wheel drive, a quiet petrol engine or a thrifty diesel engine, whatever you need.